Fuel Level Monitor GPS Tracker

Document:   User manual

NR108 is a well extended GPS Tracker for motorcycle with fuel monitor. It is with internal GPS & GSM antennas, a few wires connection, it's very easy to install and hid on a motorcycle/Vehicle.

. Features
  • 1. Real-time GPS satellite tracking by SMS/Internet
  • 2. LBS (location based service) Tracking
  • 3. Over-speed Alarm
  • 4. Geo-fence Alarm
  • 5. Sleep mode (power saving mode)
  • 6. Remote cut off engine
  • 7. Built-in GPS &GSM antennas (small size, good for hiding)
  • 8. Fuel consumption monitor
  • 9. SOS Alarm
  • 10. 34-byte of each position only, saving GPRS flow
  • 11. Built-in backup battery, power cut alarm
  • 12. Internal flash memory for data logging (optional)


Gift package or compressed package with GPS Tracker (NR108), Connect cable, SOS Button, Relay, English user manual.

Many business benefits include:

  • 1. Offering fellow employees and clients visibility over service delivery vehicles
  • 2. Improving the scheduling of vehicle maintenance
  • 3. Monitoring driver's behavior
  • 4. Providing detailed usage reports
  • 5. All types of static and mobile vehicle GPS tracking and security